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Neuromuscular Trauma Massage Therapy

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May is International Awareness Month for EDS & HSD

What you feed a flower determines the strength of its stem.

It is my passion to provide clinical massage therapy in a comfortable, safe space; tailored to the unique experience of diverse individuals with connective tissue disorders, PTSD and Complex PTSD. My intention is to help clients with anxiety, headaches, touch aversion, pain management, and other symptoms associated with these conditions. I use integrated modalities to untangle muscle and myofascial fibers that have been burdened by a history of social or sexual trauma, narcissistic abuse, abrupt life transitions, and collagen deficiency disorders such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I believe that neuromuscular trauma massage can contribute to an individual's clinical path to manage long-term trauma impacts on mind and body so one can "live" a meaningful life of their own design.


..is a clinical approach to massage therapy that applies assessment and treatment to bio-mechanical sources of pain and discomfort.

It involves a thorough intake, a flexible pace and application, and

attention to details with patience and compassion.


...and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders

are groupings of connective tissue conditions related to collagen deficiency that impact function and stabilization of joints, gut, organs, blood vessels and nerves and
cause a spectrum of daily neuromuscular
and visceral pain.

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This pandemic has been a trying time for all, but some more so than others.

Your massage therapist at Tangled Limbs llc
is committed to remaining informed
about the corona virus and it's variants to protect the clients that  are immuno-compromised.

Tangle Limbs llc respects science and adheres to guidelines established locally, federally and personally to ensure the
safety of all.

Your massage therapist will inform you
of procedures that are in place during
your phone interview.

A thorough COVID screening by phone will be administered to appropriately determine an appointment time.

We are most grateful for your patience and understanding in this matter.


If your child is under the age of 18 years,
a legal guardian must be present during treatment at all times. Office policy will allow only one legal guardian to accompany a patient.  For child safety, COVID guidelines, time management, and focus on a productive treatment; siblings will not

be permitted in the facility. You will be asked to make other arrangements for their care.

An intake appointment is required for acclimating and building trust with clients under the age of 18 and to properly assess their unique needs.

Your massage therapist at Tangled Limbs llc is dedicated to your child's well-being and therefore will respect their pace, boundaries and sensitivities; as well as advisement from your child's mental healthcare professional.

Massage Therapy for Children...

... and adolescents show significant efficacy in reducing cortisol levels

and increasing dopamine levels. Massage has been shown to decrease depression, post-traumatic and behavioral anxiety, sleep problems, hyperactivity, fidgeting, and neuromuscular pain. Results also showed measurable improvement in immune function, gastrointestinal problems, hypertonicity, behavioral conduct, and mood; as well as notable increases in cognitive function and attentiveness.

"...pediatric massage therapy has led to significant improvements in many clinical conditions and has warranted its place as a complementary therapy."--National Institute of Health